Body Shapers or Waist Trainers? I am new to this!

Hey Ladies!

Maybe you can help me out here... what is the correct terminology for those things that you put on your waist that kinda/sorta look like corsets but, they aren't corsets?

I am joking, I know they are referred to by a number of names. I Sell Goods has in stock a good number of quality Body Shapers or Waist Trainers that may fit your needs.

We have designs that are just for the waist, some that have straps and some that help lift your backside (aka Butt).

Corset Shaper - Body Shaper - Slimming Bodysuit

High Waist Body Shaper - Waist Trainer - Butt Lift - Beige

High Waist Body Shaper - Waist Trainer - Butt Lift - Black

Womens Sport Waist Trainer - Body Shaper - Corset

and more..

If you're in need a body shaper, we hope you'll be satisfied with our selection and we would be delited that you choose to purchase from Us.


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