Limited Time Offer: 8 Style Multi Fishing Lure Pack

Limited Time Offer: 8 Style Multi Fishing Lure Pack

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Hi Folks!

This is a Special (Limited Time) Offer that you have to consider for your next fishing trip.

You can choose from 8 different styled bundle packs of fishing lures that come in a durable transparent PVC box.

Your options are:

Kit A (Metal Lure Kit):  10Pc (2.5g - 2pcs, 5.3g - 4pcs, 8g - 4ps)

Kit B (Metal Lure Kit): 20Pc (10g - 4pcs, 8g - 4pcs, 7.5g - 2pcs, 5g - 4ps, 4g - 2pcs, 2.5g - 2ps)

Kit C (Frog Lure Kit): 5pc (12g - 5pcs w/ 6pc accessories)

Kit D (Forg Lure Kit): 10pc (12g - 7pcs, 9g - 3pcs w/ 6pc accessories)

Kit E (Plastic Lure Kit): 10pc (1pc - Minnow, 2pc - Popper, 2pc - Crank, 2pc - Vib, 1pc - Pencil, 1pc - Grasshopper, 1pc - Cicada)

Kit F (Complex Lure Kit): 19pc (6pc - Hard Plastic, 4pc - Soft Fish, 8pc - Metal Spoon, 1pc - Pack Lead)

Kit G (Complex Lure Kit: 59pc (4pc - Hard Plastic, 47pc - Soft Bait, 4pc - Metal Spoon, 2pc - Hook)

Kit H (Complex Lure Kit: 103pc (65pc - Soft Bait, 6pc - Plastic, 10pc - Metal, 22pc - Accessories)

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