420 Herb Scented Bath Fizzle for Enthusiasts

420 Herb Scented Bath Fizzle for Enthusiasts

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Weed Scented Bath Bombs. These weed scented bath bombs will be "The Bomb" in your bathtub.

They are pretty strong smelling and from what I am told, they smell like weed before it is smoked.

For those that like the smell of weed, you're going to love these. Made with only the finest ingredients, these bath bombs will nourish and soften your skin.

The bombs foam and fizz a deep dark green that is out of this world, ya man! ✨

THESE BATH BOMBS MAY leave a color ring on bath tub and powder sediment at the bottom; however, it will not stain if you wipe down as soon as you are finished bathing, the oils from the bath bombs will help wipe with ease. 

You can use a slice of loofah sponge, it works great and won't scratch the tub. You can also use Softscrub, Ajax, Comet, 409, or Spic&Span that also works well. 

Please be cautious stepping into and out of the bath tubs as these bombs contain oils and water softeners that may cause slippery.

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